hello. this is crorlzine.
these are links to my favorite sites:

 a site of independant movie shorts and
 animation. Includes the Short Attention Span
 festival entries. highly recommended

Ugly Little Doll
  One of my favorite Dreamspan projects

The Spark
 A ridiculously entertaining site. I can't believe
 these people get paid to do all this.

The Rainforest Site
 Click to preserve rainforest. Then link from 
 that site to the Hunger Site and the Kids Aids
 Site - clicking there donates food and medical
 time to the needy. free to you. good to do.

 this is an online and print mag - artistic, 
 brainy and erotic.

Lucky Mojo Curio
 a fantastic array of voodoo, hoodoo
 and witchy supplies.

Comics I Don't Understand 
 an entertaining site of confusing newspaper
 comics and readers interpretations of them

The Peculiar Art of Art Frahm
 Still one of my all time favorite sites

Cat Scans
 scans of cats - made me laugh so hard I 
 was crying.

MOBA (Museum of Bad Art) 
 "Art too bad to be ignored"

 horoscopes by rob brezsny


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